door Steven

C-DAY 2017: The future of internal communication

The founders of digital innovation agency ILUMY and social communication platform Plek are taking you on a trip to the future of work and internal communication during C-Day17 on June 1st. How will we work in 2020? How will your role as communication professional change? How can you contribute to culture, engagement and cooperation? What should you start with today? And what should you immediately stop doing?
door Niki

Plek in healthcare

During the event 'Intranet in de Zorg' (Intranet in Healthcare) on June 13th, everything will revolve around current topics such as sharing knowledge, activating employees and collaborating more efficiently. It will be a day of inspiration and information about the possibilities of a social intranet such as Plek in the healthcare sector. Come find us, ask questions and share experiences!