Accountants and Consultants

Accountants and Consultants

can stay in touch because they have a secure way to chat

Internal communication and chat platform 

KPMG is using Plek with secured chat for team communication alongside SharePoint. Plek is hosted locally at KMPG's Azure servers to enable this combination. We also provided KMPG with a native Plek app, which includes the fast and secured chat feature.

KPMG Netherlands, the Dutch branch of Big Four accounting and consultancy firm KPMG, has around 3000 employees.

KPMG's 3000 accountants and consultants work at their clients' offices most of the time. However they still want to feel connected to headquarters and to each other. KPMG uses SharePoint as an intranet and document management system, but it wasn't user friendly enough as a communication tool. The result? Many teams started looking for their own solutions - and found apps such as WhatsApp. This led to fragmentation and raised some serious information security issues.

Plek provided KPMG with a communication tool that is as user friendly as WhatsApp and as secure as SharePoint - we're even hosting Plek locally on KPMG's Microsoft Azure servers. This enables all the accountants and consultants to chat safely, share news and exchange knowledge. Also in KPMG's native Plek app.

Plek and SharePoint reinforce each other: news from SharePoint is automatically posted on Plek and Plek updates are displayed in a widget on KPMG's SharePoint intranet. Teams can also connect their SharePoint documents to their groups in Plek.

Plek goes by the name 'InsideOut' at KPMG and was very well received: within a week 80% of the employees was using the platform, half of them downloaded the app and over 100 groups were created. Thousands of chat messages are sent every day. Employees happy, IT security happy!