Margot op 01 March 2016

A Digital Workplace Manifesto

On March 18, the sixth annual intranet conference took place at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. This year’s event attracted over 600 visitors – and Plek!

Digital Workplace Manifesto

The program consisted of four international keynote speakers and about 20 break-out sessions. The day got off to a good start with an entertaining talk by Sam Marshall about his Digital Workplace Manifesto. He postulates 11 rules to take into account when developing or selecting an intranet. Here the key points:

Work is no longer a place

Organizations must give employees the freedom to choose which setting is most fitting for them – and trust them to be productive, even if they are not in the house.

The digital workplace should be a pleasure to use

The intranet should be inviting and work intuitively. Make sure it is a pleasure to use it!

Let me be myself online

Let employees be themselves on the intranet, otherwise they will tune out.

Not everyone is a early-adopter

Some people will jump right into any new digital worktool you put in front of them; many will not. Give employees the space to discover things for themselves, but also offer guidance to those who need it.

Everything should be geared to helping me do the work that matters

Make sure tools work for you, not against you. By eliminating obstacles like multiple logins you increase productivity.

Working relationships involve understanding each other

Create a place where your employees have the space to listen to and get to know each other.

(For the whole story visit While Sam is undoubtedly better at explaining it, we definitely agree with him. Plek is designed and developed based on the same set of principles and beliefs. The throngs of interested visitors to our stand showed us that many at the conference shared these views.

For an impression of the conference, have a look at the conference website. Or just come visit yourself next year!