Justus op 25 September 2015

Golden Award for Plek-based HEINEKEN Green Room

Hurray! Pop the champagne, or even better.. Drink a Heineken! Green Room won the Golden Award during the Step Two Intranet Awards 2015 this week. The storytelling platform – that was build on our own Plek engine- was rewarded first price in the category ‘social, collaboration and communication’. It’s official now: Plek is an award-winning platform!

Step Two yearly rewards organizations who work innovative with intranets. The category ‘social, collaboration and community’ focusses on the ways social and collaborative tools help to transform intranets.

The Step Two Jury found Green Room “genuinely innovative”, ‘because of the unique ways content is created and employees are becoming ambassadors of the brand’. If you want to know more about Green Room, employee advocacy and technical specifications – check out the case and blog post.

Green Room has been added to the Step Two Publication of ‘leading edge intranets’ of 2015′. Order your copy here. No walk on a red carpet in Australia unfortunately, nonetheless we are incredibly proud here at ILUMY and Plek!