Steven op 02 March 2017

How does KPMG connect 3000 colleagues with each other?


Cannot wait to find out how KPMG connects its 3000 employees with each other? Learn all about how KPMG's employees work better and more secure with Plek, which dilemmas they encountered, and how KPMG people (always on the go and always focused on the numbers) started to get involved with their new communication platform.

The 'Congres Intranet 2017' will take place at Mediaplaza in Utrecht on 23 March. It is the perfect opportunity to expose yourself to new ideas and to gain new insights. KPMG, one of our clients, will be respresented by Linda Osnabrug and Anna van Haastrecht. They will show you around in the wonderful world of KPMG's Plek: InsideOut.


Besides some Plek employees and some KPMG representatives you will find several other Plek users at the conference. So if you are attending the conference, ask around to get to know how others experience Plek.

We have deployed Plek with encrypted chat for KPMG on their local Microsoft Azure servers. Read all about this in our KPMG case.