Marit op 12 January 2017

Plek Social Intranet Features & Updates 12-01

We are releasing an updated version of Plek today between 4 an 5 PM. We have improved the statistics and we have made it easier to upload several images at once.

Clear numbers and icons


As of today the statistics will be easier to use

Our update just really makes you want to dive deep into the statistics: they are easier to read and better looking. Statistics are important because they show you what works and what does not.

You can soon see the amount of posts, comments, chat messages, events and documents on Plek at a glance. We also display the time spent on the platform, and which users are most (and least) active. These statistics can be the kick off of your research into what is going on: why does one person contribute a lot and why does another person rarely visit Plek?

Are there enough groups to meet everyone's requirements for collaboration and communication? Should you encourage more knowledge sharing? You can find out a lot about your organization's needs using statistics!

Chat messages

The number of chat messages sent is one of the statistics we provide. If your organization does not have Plek chat, we bet you would like to eliminate that 0 from your statistics. If you are interested in a safe chat (for one-on-one and for groups) just give me a call!

Statistics, with highs and lows

You can also keep an eye on our graphs, such as the one that displays the number of views per day. If you know when people in your organization like to visit Plek, you can use this information by posting company news at the right moment.


Upload all of your images at once

Another improvement to look forward to is that you will be able to upload several images at once into a post. Perhaps you have had a New Year's party and the photographer was a very happy snapper... Just upload all of the images at once - you can always remove images later.

Please take a look at our other updates and blogs!

Do you have questions or remarks about the new and improved Plek? Email me at or call 020-7740033