Steven op 31 October 2016

Plek Social Intranet Features & Updates 20-10

We improved the 'quick post' in order to make it even easier to post an update or image. In addition we added clear icons for the various group settings and we improved Plek's translation system.

Posting messages from the homepage

We received feedback about it being unclear how to post messages from the homepage, so we improved this feature. Please see the new design below.


When posting a message we now instantly show who you're sharing it with by means of an icon. Just so we're clear. Also, you can now immediately add a title to your message.

Group icons

Plek has open, closed and hidden groups. Each group type has its own icon. The open and hidden group icons both had an eye in them, but the types of groups couldn't be more different. So that's why we changed the icon for hidden groups.

Open group > eye icon Closed group > lock icon Hidden group > detective icon Channel > megaphone icon


Translation system

Slightly less obvious but important nonetheless: correct translations of label in Plek. Perhaps you've seen a label such as 'NEW_MESSAGE' on Plek. Of course that should be 'New Message'.

To make sure all labels are translated correctly, we have now implemented a new translation system. This makes it even easier to add new languages to Plek.