Marit op 29 June 2017

Plek Tips: External users and agenda synchronization

We are releasing an updated version of Plek today between 4 and 5 PM. For this release we have worked on external users. Also, you can now import your Plek agenda into your personal calendar with the agenda subscription. And a nice little extra: images in comments, and commenting on comments.

What can external users see and do on Plek?

An increasing amount of organizations collaborate with external parties, such as freelancers, chain partners or even customers. And what is a better place for collaboration than Plek? That is why it is possible to give external users access to your Plek.

If you add external users to a group, they can only see that group's information: only their own group members in People, their group documents in Documents, their group events in Agenda, etcetera. So they are like users with blinkers on! This way, sensitive information remains well protected while collaboration across organizational boundaries becomes a lot easier!


Synchronization with your personal calendar

Obviously it is convenient to put the events on Plek that you create or are attending in your personal calendar (such as your Outlook or Google calendar). You can now do that using the agenda subscription.

In Settings, you will find a URL for this. Copy it and, depending on which calendar you are using, paste it into your personal calendar settings or into your browser. Please find our step-by-step instructions for activating your agenda subscription here (Dutch only).


Images in comments, and commenting on comments

Of course, it was already possible to put images in messages. After the release, you can also post images in comments. Because sometimes one picture is worth more than a thousand words!


In addition, it is now possible to reply to others' comments. If you click on 'reply' underneath someone else's comment, that person will automatically be tagged in your comment with an @mention.


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Do you have questions or remarks about the new and improved Plek? Email us at or call 020-7740033