Marit op 27 July 2017

Plek Tips: More features in the app

We are releasing an updated version of Plek today between 4 and 5 PM. Lots of new things for the app: after the release, you can view information pages, fill out forms and reset your password in the app. And the app is now available for iPad too! Plus a new feature by popular demand: nofifications for event updates.

Information pages in the app

The information pages will be available in the app after the release. This makes it easy to access all the knowledge you need from any location. Especially now that the app is also available for iPad. With all this information at your fingertips, the summer will be a breeze.


Also in the app: Fill out forms and reset your password

After the release, it will be possible to fill out forms in the app. And perhaps you will have forgotten your password by the time you return to the office after your holidays. In that case, you will be able to reset your password in the app. Please note: this is not possible for users who log in with their work account (ADFS) because they use their central password.


Additionally, we started working on enabling you to edit your profile in the app. You cannot edit everything yet but we will be back soon with good news about further developments!

Please note: due to Apple's approval process it may take a few days before the iPhone app becomes available in the app store.

Push and email notifications for event updates

It was already possible to invite people to an event and to share a group event with a group. After the release, an event admin (using Plek on desktop) can also inform event attendees of event updates. Post a message in the event and send it as a push and/or email notification and everyone will always be up to date.


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Do you have questions or remarks about the new and improved Plek? Email us at or call 020-7740033