Justus op 26 May 2016

Startup Plek bridges the gap between traditional and social intranet

Social Intranet all grown up AMSTERDAM – Dutch startup Plek recently launched a new corporate intranet service. Plek combines the best of a traditional intranet - the familiar corporate identity, company news, info on processes, HR and facilities - with the benefits of modern social networks: direct communication, sharing knowledge, facilitating collaboration and connecting employees to each other and to the organization. **

Plek already convinced several 'launching customers' of the new approach during development. First users include a medical center, a financial services company, a real estate group, a department of the Ministry of Justice and the NEN institute for standardization.

Old and New

It's a known fact: while employees are privately all over WhatsApp, Google and Facebook, at work they have to use a slow internet portal that's only accessible from their desktop computer at the office. Many organizations use a social network beside their intranet, such as the American Yammer. However this social counterpart is often detached from the rest of the intranet and is usually only used by a small group of digital pioneers. And all this in an era of increasing competition, reorganizations and developments such as working flexibly. These changes are calling for easily accessible tools to support collaboration, share knowledge and engage employees.

Online entrepreneur Rik Mulder decided it was about time to answer this call. So he developed social intranet platform Plek. Companies and organizations can launch their own social intranet using Plek. It can have all the classical intranet features they need. "But it's social, and as fast as Google. Plek is the first social intranet that is actually social but also actually an intranet", Mulder explains. "You don't have to be an avid Twitterer to understand how useful Plek can be for your work."

Social intranet for everyone

Plek offers all of the basic features of a classical intranet, such as a 'face book', company news, info about processes, HR and facilities. Furthermore Plek is social: everyone can write messages, respond, form their own groups and establish connections with colleagues. All this can seamlessly be done on desktop, laptop, any type of tablet or smartphone.

"Plek is the social intranet for everyone", says Mulder, "it's everyone's own familiar place to find other employees, information and to share knowledge."

A demonstration of Plek is available on www.plek.co.

About Plek

Plek is a social intranet platform. Plek combines the best of a traditional and a social intranet. It is super fast on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. Plek is hosted in a secure Dutch cloud, so implementing Plek within organizations can be quick and simple. Plek's consultants assist in setting up the platform for your organization and in activating your employees. Plek costs €2.50 per employee per month. Plek is a service of Plek Nederland BV, based in Amsterdam.

About Rik Mulder

Rik Mulder is media pioneer and entrepreneur. He published newspapers and magazines in Eastern Europe, was part of the internet boom and bust in London and launched a mobile app company when back in the Netherlands. As Managing Director of digital innovation agency ILUMY he was one of the founders of Plek.

Media contact

Rik Mulder, rik@plek.co