Marlou op 03 October 2019

National Intranetsymposium 2019

Want to know more about the latest technologies, the digital workplace, Plek and the social intranet? Come and visit The National Intranetsymposium on the 12th of November in Nieuwegein.

The National Intranet symposium, hosted by Communication Agency De Walvis, takes place for the fifth time this year. Last year's conference was attended by almost three hundred people coming from different Dutch organisations.

Topics during this year's conference

How do you encourage interaction on a social platform? What are the advantages of using a digital workplace or an Office 365 solution? How do you create added value with a social intranet? All of these topics will be discussed during this year's conference.

We are delighted to announce that one of our clients in the Healthcare industry, Novicare, will share insights about their platform "Novinet."

Plek and Novicare

Novicare went live with Plek in June this year. The company was looking for a knowledge sharing solution among their experts.

Inge Boderie, communications- and project consultant at Novicare explains: “Cases or other issues can easily be discussed with colleagues, if everybody works in the same office. It's different when you work for Novicare. Our 180 practitioners work within different Healthcare organisations and are not always physically in the same place as the others. They sometimes work from home or at a flex desk in the office. With more than 180 experts in the field, information and knowledge gets scattered very easily, which is a pity! ”

That's why we are so happy with the Novinet solution, which makes it easier for us to find colleagues based on their expertise. Inge: "If a practitioner is looking for someone who, for example, is specialised in Parkinson, they search in the secured database and will find all the relevant information about this person in a split second ."

Inge will share all of her insights during one of the interactive sessions in November and Plek will be present as well.

Hope to see you there on the 12th of November!