Plek update: a new tab!

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Plek update: a new tab!

We will be releasing an updated version of Plek this afternoon between 16h and 18h. What's new this month? We have created new user roles, a new tab in groups and in the app and we have been working on specific client requests. We also fixed some small bugs to keep Plek as user friendly as possible! 

New tab in groups and in the app 

We have created a new document tab in groups. With this tab, you will have immediately access to uploaded documents in groups. You will also be able to see your most recent downloads. Good news is that this feature will be both available for desktop and mobile. Please note: our mobile version will be released one week later than our Plek desktop. 

Documenten tab 

New user roles in Plek 

Besides a "read only" option in which users can only read messages, we have also created a second user role within Plek. With the so called "user light" version, users are able to chat, read, respond and comment on messages, but they are not able to create or post specific content. 

Very useful for companies with a lot of external users or users who only want to read content. 



A nicer place! 

Want to know more about new features within Plek? Our release notes and other useful information can also be found in our client community 

In case you are not a member yet, we kindly ask you to check with your Plek contactperson to make sure he or she can get you access.

Last chance! 

For everybody who missed the news: Plek is attending The Nationaal Intranetsymposium in Nieuwegein on the 12th of November. A Dutch conference about the latest developments around social intranet and the digital workplace. Interested? Subscribe here!


Question or remarks about the new and improved Plek? Don't hesitate to contact your account manager. Specific questions about Plek? Send us an e-mail via 

In case you have an urgent question, you can call us during working hours at 020-3697577.