3 security risks at work that you are not aware of

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3 security risks at work that you are not aware of

It’s Security Week: a good moment to reflect on what you are doing to prevent crime, both offline and online. Because security is not only about how safe your home is and whether you lock the door properly, but also about how you deal with sensitive company information and personal data. Many daily actions are ingrained in our behavior, which makes us overlook things. Below are 3 security risks at work that you’re probably not aware of.

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1. Data breach because you and your colleagues are using WhatsApp

Do you have a WhatsApp group with your colleagues? When you use this app for work, the groups that you create on it are saved forever (until you delete it). The same goes for the images and documents you share, and for phone numbers. Consider, for example, photos that are automatically saved on the camera roll, even after a colleague leaves the company. WhatsApp is not GDPR proof, because the risk of a data breach is simply too high.

2. Google and Facebook know what your next step will be

Google and Facebook know very well what you are doing. This is due to the searches you perform, the posts you like, personal information you share. For example, these data collectors know exactly which music you like, which clothes you wear, what your favorite food is and even if you are pregnant. Go to your Facebook account settings, see what is stored about you and adjust your settings if necessary. Try browsing Google in incognito mode, so that no unnecessary cookies are stored about you that might predict your behavior.


3. The passwords that are automatically saved in your web browser are easy to hack

Isn’t it great when your browser offers to automatically save your passwords for all kinds of websites? Of course you gladly agree to use this service, but did you know that it is actually not safe? Someone with bad intentions can easily access your passwords, because the passwords are not encrypted. Try a program that encrypts passwords in a secure place, such as Dashlane, 1Password or LastPass. And while you’re at it anyway, why not immediately change your current passwords?. If you periodically change your passwords, you will reduce the chance of unwanted prying eyes.

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What does Plek do to guarantee the security of its platform?

We regularly execute a pen test: we invite ethical hackers to test our software for security. So far, they never succeeded in hacking Plek. Mission accomplished! Plek is hosted securely and professionally in the Netherlands at an ISO27001, NEN7510 and ISAE3402 certified hosting party. Our platform is fully GDPR proof and is a complete and user-friendly alternative to WhatsApp. An additional advantage of the use of Plek for business communication is that it helps you separate your work from your private life. A great way to make yourself, your colleagues and even the information security officer happy!

Which security risks are you going to lower today?

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