46% of your colleagues want to stop using WhatsApp for work

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46% of your colleagues want to stop using WhatsApp for work

Be honest: are your colleagues using WhatsApp for work? Are your information security colleagues OK with this? Do you have a policy for it? And is it desirable from a communication point of view? I bet your answers are: yes to the first one and no to the other three questions. But why is WhatsApp unsuitable for business communications? And moreover: how can you make your colleagues stop using it for work?

weg met whatsapp

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) raised the awareness of all the risks involved in the using WhatsApp for work. In case of a data leak, your organization will be held responsible. This is why organizations are currently seriously working on the big switch-over. No more WhatsApp!

Management wants a solution that breaks through silos, the security people want a safe and GDPR compliant tool and the communication department just wants to unite everyone on one platform. And the rest of the employees don't really want to use WhatsApp for work either. According to Tele2's survey of 1,500 employers and employees, three-quarters of Dutch employees are in at least one work-related WhatsApp group. And 46% of employees would love to leave all of these groups straight away.


But meanwhile, the majority of your colleagues are still chatting away on WhatsApp. Do you want to learn all about why WhatsApp is unsuitable for business communications, and how to make your colleagues stop using it for work? Then read our whitepaper 'Weg met WhatsApp' (only available in Dutch). 

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