7 Plek tips for your social intranet

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7 Plek tips for your social intranet

1. Showcase your talent in the photo gallery

A star photographer and interested in sharing your photos with colleagues that are not your Facebook or Instagram friends? Took nice pictures at an event or of your sisters pet cat? Create a photo gallery on Plek!

This is what you need to do!

  • Create a new message and select which group it should go to
  • Compose a short intro about your gallery and where you took the pictures (unless your pictures speak for themselves)
  • Click at 'Add image' on the bottomed start with your best picture.
  • Add the other images you are proud of and want to share.

Thats' it!Image removed.

What do you think? Shouldn't such a great photo report of your sister's cat draw tens of likes, comments and invites to photograph other people's cat?

2. Event calendar: are you joining? Or is the last Plek taken?

A Plek (spot) for events exists, definitely; accessible straight from the menu or on the group page. As 'event planner' on Plek you can add other organisers, even in case of people with no Plek access. The 'event planner' remains owner of the event in Plek, but is not visible for others.

Members can sign up for an event. That is, when you enable this option for your event. As part of it, you can also limit the number of spots for the events. This way you make sure your event will not be overloaded with participants and people will not get disappointed because seats, coffee or cookies are finished.

3. Clever search

Luckily you are not on your own for clever search, Plek offers a need trick: filters! Whether you search for groups, persons or documents, filters will get you on the right track.

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But a community platform like Plek needs more than clever search. Clever posting is just as important. All document properties are saved and retrieved in such a way to provide you a convenient overview. This way you can quickly find the info you are looking for.

Important! Add a good description, title and tags.

Of course the full text search will scan all content of your document, but still. You have seen those documents, without title or description which just do not provide a clue what they are about. Take for example the document ‘20160714_prj_4_def_1.2’. Plek has a super search engine build-in. It will not stop at searching titles and tags, but also inside most documents. But that content of documents will not be immediately visible for people so a self-explaining title is important. This way your document stands out of the crowd. Tip 3.1, don't forget to check how many views your document has had!

4. Create strong info pages 

Even within a social intranet or community platform it makes a lot of sense to have info pages next to dynamic group pages. Info pages often are used as static content pages with handbooks, corporate policies, forms, etc.

Users will see a column displaying an overview on the info pages. This way it is even easier to scan the content. Admins can add both main and sub menus. Content managers just can add submenus.

How do admins or content managers ensure info to show up in the overview?
By formatting the text in your page from within the content editor you can add structure in the overview. By using headers (1 and 2) Plek will automatically create an index of the page.

This is what the page will look like. And, very convenient, the index will move with you when you scroll down!

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5. Recruit members 

Did you just create a new group and only a few members show up? And are you 100% sure the group deserves better? 

Probably then it is time to have a closer look at the header and welcome message you are using. Is this appealing enough? Maybe there even is no image, header or welcome message, nothing that makes a visitor think 'I want to be part of that!'. Just change the group banner on the spot with a single mouse click, we do not do complex settings, with drill-down menus and multiple, confusing buttons.

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6. Tag-mania!

Did you find something interesting you want to share with someone specific? No response from someone you'd expected to response definitely? Don't worry! Maybe that person missed the message for some reason and now it moved downwards in the group timeline. But there is something you can do!

Just send a notification to that person by simply tagging/mentioning him or her in a response to the message.

Wanne go even more pro-active?

Just mention or tag someone directly in your message and they will receive a notification on the spot to put even more emphasis on your message!

7. Plek Chat

The past months we have been pretty busy to build the Plek Chat. Having a chat with someone or within a group, it is all possible. Simply add people to your chat, share documents and images; direct and lightning fast, always right there on your homepage.

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Be ware... the Plek chat is an optional module within Plek. Are you interested in enabling the chat within your Plek or do you just want to have a taste of it? Contact Marit, she loves to show off with our coolest new feature!