Aron op 03 October 2018

7 things you missed from the radio interview with Plek


We needed a change of scenery for a while, so we visited the radio studio of New Business Radio. Managing Director Rik Mulder and Technical Director David Clarisse were invited for an interview at 'Let's Talk Business'. Rik and David told us about Plek’s early years, our latest updates and plans for the future. If you missed the broadcast, check out the highlights below.

  1. We are growing fast. For example, we recently received growth financing to be able to keep innovating.
  2. Plek is GDPR-proof. We are even working on getting our ISO 27001 certification, to prove that we handle information the right way.
  3. It is time to stop using WhatsApp for work purposes: it is not secure, the GDPR does not allow it and your colleagues actually don`t even want to use it for work at all.
  4. We continue to develop and optimize. Every four weeks there is a Plek release full of new features and improvements. Every customer immediately benefits from this.
  5. We launched a new product that allows you to involve the entire organization in innovation and helps them find a way to think out of the box: the Innovation Reactor. Create challenges for your organization such as "How do we increase customer satisfaction?". People can submit ideas, which others then rate and discuss. The best ideas continue to the next development phase.
  6. Plek chat makes communication and collaboration with your colleagues easier than ever. We do not want to have endless email conversations with each other anymore, right?
  7. For small teams or other partnerships we offer A self-service version of Plek. You can get started right away, with teams inside and outside of your organization. Or even with your football team! Try for free for 1 month!

Listen to the radio broadcast below:

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4