Plek update: Made with love!

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Plek update: Made with love!

On this special day filled with love, we have a special gift for all of you. Between 15:30 and 19:00 PM, an updated version of Plek will be released. Improvements this time are related to the mobile version, the chat, search features and information pages. And all of this of course .. made with love!

Samenwerken Plek

App updates 

This month, we will release a new mobile version. What to expect? Upon request of several different clients, we did a few changes within the information pages. Embedded video's uploaded from the desktop version, are now also available and can be watched from your mobile phone. In the new mobile version, it will also be possible to click on links, linked to images. With these new features, you will stay completely up to date! But .. please be patient, since our app will be released one week later than our Plek desktop version.

Keep chatting!

Android users will be very happy with the new release! After the update it will be much easier for them to scroll through their chat history. In the one-on-one chat you can also - by simply clicking on somebody's profile picture -  directly look into their personal profile. Useful whenever you are looking for a phone number or other personal information!

Computer Plek

Are you looking for something? 

While searching for things in the app you used to get four relevant search results per category. We have expanded this option and after the release it will be possible to view even more results. Everything for a quicker and easier search!


Widgets ended up high on our future wish list and we have noted all your requests for them. A Twitter Feed in the desktop version for example or the option to upload a Youtube Video. We are working very hard on it and we hope to give you an update about the widgets soon. 


Do you have any questions or remarks about the new and improved Plek? Email us at or call +31 (0)20 - 369 7577.