A good cause, a good Plek

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A good cause, a good Plek

The holiday season: a great time for generosity and charity. For some clients this applies all year round. We want to contribute too, wo we are giving away ten Plek.teams to charities or other benevolent organizations Let us know which organization deserves this!

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Some of our clients work toward a better world all year round, for instance in the role of job coach, in-house supervisor or reintegration advisor. Hurray for this, for new Plek clients Prins Heerlijk, Promen and WVS and for existing Plek clients Stimenz, Stichting Binding and Woej. We're proud that these organizations communicate and work together on Plek. The same goes for the many volunteers working for, amongst others, libraries and care institutions who use Plek.

Nominate an organization

Do you know a charity, whether it's a sponsor run, cultural center or a group of nursing home volunteers, that could use a tool for team communication? Let us know, because we are giving away ten Plek.teams for free, for an entire year! Plek.team is Plek’s new baby sister: a flexible collaboration tool especially for teams. Email us your nomination or call us at +31 (0)20 - 369 7577.