From cavemen to call center superstars: there's a Plek for everyone

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From cavemen to call center superstars: there's a Plek for everyone

Ever since prehistoric times we have been working together in teams. Hunting, defending the tribe and - let's take a big step - improving customer satisfaction in an Agile way. Large organizations have many teams, small ones sometimes only have one. But there's a Plek for everyone!

de holbewoners van Plek


Plek makes collaboration easier. Within teams, but also among teams. On a larger or smaller scale. We are now rolling out Plek at the Ministry of the Internal Affairs and the National Police, but also at the much smaller Prins Heerlijk, where troubled young people get a chance to learn and work. And because you can easily invite third parties, Plek also works well for network organizations and partnerships. for big and small

We are now launching for individual teams. Enjoy all of Plek's collaboration features, such as chat, a timeline, sharing documents and agendas, in your own team app! Available on mobile for iPhone and Android, and of course there's a desktop version too. You and your team can be online within 24 hours. Try it for free for a month, no strings attached! is an ideal solution for both small businesses and teams in larger organizations. Employees or larger companies often use WhatsApp for business communications, for lack of a better alternative. Why not go for a business app, safely hosted in the Netherlands. Additionally, you can easily upgrade to a company-wide Plek. Our step-by-step approach: we start small with a few teams, develop best practices and subsequently add more and more teams. That is how we eventually connect all those teams so they can start collaborating with each other. I recently wrote an article about how our step-by-step approach can help sell the project internally. Read it (in Dutch) on Frankwatching.

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Do you also want more mammoth steaks, or a higher customer satisfaction score? Contact Justus or me or  call us at +31 20 - 369 7577. Or get started right away on!