Margot op 17 October 2013

Checklist: Which communication platform offers all the functionalities you need?

A social intranet can cause a revolution in your organization. It can change the way people communicate, collaborate and share, thereby influencing all processes in your organization.

Are you preparing for choosing and implementing a social intranet? Use our questionnaire to find out what your organization needs, and what you can achieve with a new intranet. It also enables you to clarify which functionalities your new intranet must have to achieve your goals, what your safety requirements are and what you’re expecting from the platform in general.

Of course you want your new platform to be easy to use, even for digitally less-skilled employees. A good-looking and super fast platform that enables employees to work smarter, not harder.

Make a shortlist of platforms that meet the basic needs. Then print the list below and fill it out. This way you’ll easily find the one that suits your organization best. Of course we’ve taken Plek’s functionalities as a basis for this list because… well, because they’re awesome!

Click here to download the checklist!