Bart op 02 August 2021

FloreoKids opts for short lines in the organisation

Childcare organisation FloreoKids has been using Plek for over two months, which is why we were curious about their experiences! FloreoKids has more than twenty locations in Leiderdorp, Leiden, Oegstgeest, Hoogmade and Woubrugge

Everyone participates

FloreoKids uses Plek as their communication and onboardingplatform. New employees are, therefore, immediately at ease with both the off- and online working environment. Since they launched Plek, more than 90% of the employees are active users (on mobile and desktop). In addition, about 60% actively participates, publishes content and responds to posts. On average, a user is engaged in 8 different groups, in which 50 messages are placed per user per month. Moreover, an average of 400 chat messages is sent per user per month.

‘The reason we chose Plek is that as a continously growing organisation, we want to keep the connection between our more than twenty locations and employees. In addition, we found it very important to have all information about the organisation in one central place. Especially with the changing circumstances and the Corona guidelines over the past few weeks, this worked very well. The information was quick and easy to find because everything was clearly arranged.’

Nancy Veefkind, from FloreoKids and responsible for the implementation of Plek

In July, FloreoKids prepared a questionnaire through their own Plek to gauge the mood about the new platform. Some results:

  • It is very well-arranged, clear, good to look things up.
  • Great that you get to read a bit more from and about other locations.
  • Brilliant that everything can be found in one place.
  • Big plus that messages from the organisation can be read quickly. And it's useful to share location matters on one platform. I use the group page a lot.
  • It is flattering to see that locations find each other in various areas; in sharing ideas for activities, but also in the supply and demand for education materials for example.

Plek for questions and solutions

In particular, the connection with colleagues from other locations is mentioned as a major advantage. For example, Plek is used to share things or gain inspiration. Handy when you are looking for specific toys or furniture, or if you have a game left in your locations. But Plek is also used to show what kind of activities are organised at the locations. For FloreoKids, Plek is really a source of information where everything can be asked and shared, but where answers and solutions can also be posted.

Een voorbeeld van een vraag-en-antwoord-groep

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