Plek update: log in, onboard and innovate

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Plek update: log in, onboard and innovate

We are releasing an updated version of Plek today between 4 and 5 PM. After the release, you can log in to the app by means of QR, Touch ID or Face ID. We also gave the onboarding a more prominent place on Plek. Furthermore, when creating an event after the release, you can choose whether or not to display the event on the timeline. And... the groups on Plek got a little facelift. Can you spot the difference? :) 

de Plek app voor desktop en mobiel

Log in to the app by means of QR, Touch ID or Face ID

As you know, ease of use and security are important pillars of Plek. We managed to smoothly combine the two once again by offering you three new ways of logging in to the Plek app:

  • QR code
    Did you install the app on your phone, and are you logged in on Plek in your browser? Then navigate to your settings (in the browser), scan the QR code at the bottom of the page with your phone's camera and subsequently tap on the notification to go straight to the Plek app. 
  • Touch ID
    If your phone supports logging in by means of fingerprint, you can now use this to log in to the Plek app. You may recognize this way of logging in from your banking app.
  • Face ID
    If you're a gadget freak with an iPhone that supports facial recognition, you can now log in to the Plek app with Face ID. 

Please note: due to Apple's approval process it may take a few days before the iPhone app becomes available in the app store.


Onboarding at your fingertips

Every new user is presented with our onboarding when they log in to Plek for the first time. It contains things like making a selection of groups you want to join. All onboarding steps will now stay accessible at any time: you'll find them on the right side of the screen, under the rocket. And if there are mandatory steps you haven't finished yet, Plek will notify you of this. 


A new event: on the timeline or not?

When a creating a new event, you can now decide whether or not to share it on the timeline. Before, all events were automatically shared on the timeline, but this wasn't practical when creating many events at once. When creating an event, click on 'Create' to publish your event in the agenda only. If you want to share it on the timeline as well, click the arrow next to 'Create' instead, and then click 'Create and share on timeline'.

hoe de innovatiemodule ontstond - met Heembouw

Innovate together on Plek

We already gave you a sneak preview in the previous Plek update: we're launching our innovation module soon! We came up with and built this module with our client Heembouw. So they're currently beta testing it. Together, we'll make sure innovating on Plek becomes self-evident and user-friendly. When we're both satisfied with the results, everyone can get started with this optional module. We'll tell you all about the innovation module in the next Plek update.

Meanwhile, click here to read all about how the innovation module came into being and how you can use it to maximize all employees' innovative strength. 


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