Meet our technical support team

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Meet our technical support team

The past year Plek has grown a lot in terms of clients and in terms of work. In some periods the growth was so big, it was quite a challenge for our supportteam to deal with all the workload. But the good news is that since last fall our team is back at full speed! Time for a quick update. So you know what to expect from our support members the upcoming months. 

Our supportteam went from two to five. In the picture below, from your left to your right: Rishma, who always keeps her head cool, in the middle the ones who were already there from the start: Rick and Justus and on your right newbies Joep and Thijs. 

Quite a good action picture don't you think?  

Plek support team

Thanks to the new team, we are not only able to answer and to help you faster. We can also spend more time and energy on keeping our online help pages up to date! Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions from users. It helps you to get started, and to keep you up and running, fast and efficiënt! Is your answer not on this page? Or do you happen to have another question? You can always ask our supportteam! Drop us a note or - in case you have an urgent issue - give us a call via 020-3697577. But don't send too many messages at the same time, to avoid our mailbox getting overloaded again ;) 

New software system

Besides adding more members to the team, Plek has recently also switched to a new supportsystem. As a consequence, we are able to provide faster and better feedback about the status of ongoing issues. What of course is super useful for you. 

And now let's pray everything runs smoothly so you won't have to contact the support departement too often!