No water too deep for Plek

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No water too deep for Plek

Last week IWA's Plek ship has sailed out to open water, with wide horizons ahead! IWA Connect is a Plek member portal that unites everyone who wants to contribute to sustainable water facilities. And it's crystal clear!

IWA, the International Water Association, is the worldwide water professionals' network. More than 8,500 professionals take to IWA Connect like a duck to water: they use the member portal to stay up to date with all that's going on in their professional field. Offering best practices from around the world, news and access to other water professionals, the network is of great value to its members. 

  • 165 countries
  • 530 companies
  • 8.500 members
  • 36 worldwide events
  • 1 Plek

IWA's network consists of a large number of specific groups, such as specialist groups and committees, consisting of both individuals and organizations. In order to gather everyone in one place, IWA decided to start using Plek. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts: an ocean of knowledge and information is now available for IWA's groups on Plek. A small part of IWA Connect has been made public, so you can take a look too!

IWA Groepspagina

Foreign currency

Baht, Yuan, Rupiah, Rand, you can pay for IWA's membership regardless of your location or currency with the new payment module we built for IWA's membership administration. 

Plek's payment module can handle 30 currencies and also knows how to deal with all kinds of local invoicing and administration requirements. Additionally it can process several different types of memberships and discounts. It has everything you need to provide you with fast and easy access to the member portal. 

Besides the payment module, some new features were added to Plek for IWA: Plek now offers full support for event management. You can set a maximum amount of participants and assign and external organizer.

We did this project together with IWA with great pleasure. We celebrated the 'go live' of the platform with a delicious water themed lunch: sushi, smoked salmon, watermelon and popsicles were on the menu! 

Lunch IWA

Some of us felt so connected to IWA Connect, they decided to opt for a water themed outfit as well...

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