Onboarding #4: Stay in touch

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Onboarding #4: Stay in touch

In our previous blog on onboarding we told you how to make your onboarding process official and fully integrate it into your organization. In this fourth onboarding blog we will provide you with some practical tips to help you encourage new hires to connect with their colleagues and make them get a sense of belonging. Of course we'll also let you know how to do this on Plek social intranet. 


Encourage making new contacts

Starting a new job is something you have to do alone. You don't know anyone yet, and you don't know much about your new workplace and colleagues. In order to give new hires a sense of belonging, Google gives every new employee their own contact person - a kind of coach who guides the new employee. New employees can turn to this person if they have any questions. And of course it also feels nice to have a buddy right away.

Start a conversation

Make sure the new hire's contact person takes the lead: ask them to start a chat conversation with the new employee (before their first day on the job) and ask the contact person to tag the new employee (in Plek this is done via @name) in relevant messages and events so that the new employee immediately becomes part of the conversation and feels welcome. You can also use Plek's platform onboarding to present new hires with their contact person.

Ask the contact person or someone from HR to introduce the new employee in a post on the internal communications platform, so all of your colleagues know about their new team member.


Presenting new hires with some of the groups your organization offers employees (especially informal groups) helps new employees get an idea of the company culture. You can make it super easy for them to participate, for instance by means of Plek's platform onboarding. It encourages new employees to immediately join existing groups. As an organization, you can also choose to automatically add new employees to certain groups, for example based on department or role.

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Don't be a stranger

If you read all of our onboarding blogs, you now know that:

  • newly hired employees are 58% more likely to still be at the company three years later if they complete a structured onboarding process
  • a good onboarding process will help you turn new employees into connected and happy colleagues in the blink of an eye
  • it's important to start onboarding before new hires' first day of work
  • it's just as important not to stop onboarding after their first day of work
  • you should make your onboarding process official and fully integrate it into your organization for real impact 
  • encouraging new colleagues to get to know their colleagues is important and easy


Hopefully, our advice helped you compile your organization's onboarding process. We want to emphasize the importance of staying on top of this: as soon as you've helped new employees on their way and they seem to be gradually becoming part of the team, it's easy to assume that things will just work out.

This is often where things derail though! Do not stop onboarding after the first month. Continue to supervise new employees, provide regular feedback moments and keep the conversation going. Which is easily done on Plek, of course. If you could use some advice on this, please get in touch with Rik or give us a call at +31(0)20-3697577.

We started blogging about onboarding in November. Read all about why onboarding is important in part 1. In part 2 we explain how to make sure new employees get a kickstart by means of a roadmap that already starts before the first day on the job. Part 3 contains some practical tips that will help you make your onboarding process official and fully integrate it into your organization.