Peter Haan on Sociaal Intranet

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Peter Haan on Sociaal Intranet

"Choosing a good platform is essential" 


Yesterday social business expert Peter Haan spoke at our offices about the success factors for internal social networks within organisations. The occasion was the official launch of Plek, which conveniently coincided with ILUMY’s New Years drinks. His main message: choosing a good platform, such as Plek, is only a first step – albeit an essential one. For a successful implementation a good activation plan is equally important.

Peter distinguishes three factors that determine an employee’s propensity to embrace an internal social network. For this to happen they must be:

  • Able – they need to understand how it works (we spend a lot of time on this with Plek);
  • Willing – it needs to bring them some kind of benefit: time saving, better information, useful contacts, fun (and these benefits need to be communicated to them clearly);
  • Allowed – they need to feel that Plek is supported throughout the organization.

He should know: Peter was the man behind the successful social intranet at KPN and now advises many large organisations on these matters with his company Evolve.