Plek in childcare

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Plek in childcare

We launched Plek Social Intranet at Vlietkinderen two weeks ago. Vlietkinderen is a medium-sized childcare organization with locations in Leidschendam-Voorburg and The Hague (Leidschenveen). Vlietkinderen was looking for a place to store and access all their 'policy documents'. All company information can now be found in once place: Vlietkinderen's own Plek. Important applications can also be accessed through Plek. Another important reason for Vlietkinderen to choose Plek was their need to easily share knowledge and ideas.

Vlietkinderen started a contest among employees to come up with a name for their social intranet. This way, the employees immediately got involved in the process of implementing their new intranet. The winning name was VlietTalk, and Vlietkinderen's designer created a special logo for it. Employees from different parts of the organization stepped forward as ambassadors, ready to set up the basics of their very own VlietTalk platform.


Ready, set..

VlietTalk was presented at the Christmas party, which doubled as an award ceremony for the winner of the naming contest. The launch of VlietTalk, including welcome email and activation link, took place right after the Christmas holidays. 


VlietTalk was launched and 50% of the 300+ employees immediately activated their account. A reminder was sent to the people who hadn't activated their account yet and two weeks later over 70% of the employees had started using the platform. The aim is to activate all employees within one month. The first reactions to VlietTalk were overwhelmingly positive.

“This makes me so happy! :-) Not having to miss anything going on at Vlietkinderen is very nice and convenient. The design is really inviting. I'll definitely be hanging around here!” 

Of course it also takes some getting used to...

“Hi there, looks great! Now let's try to get the hang of this.”

VlietTalk's Plek Social Intranet is made for and by employees, including on-call employees. You can easily add or remove people. You can also add external people, and you can make sure they only get access to specific content on the platform. Vlietkinderen will later decide if they want to extend this option to include groups such as parent committees. They already created groups for locations, office departments and teams within those departments. 

In the group and on the app

Most of the employees of this childcare organization are pedagogical staff members who work with the children in their own groups. The Plek app is a wonderful solution for these employees. Using their smartphones or tablets they can check out the latest company news in the app, and they can post their own messages or comment on and like other posts. 

“I am aware that employees should be stimulated to visit VlietTalk. We do this by sending out a weekly email update.”