Plek community platform in Studio Rio at the 2016 Olympics

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Plek community platform in Studio Rio at the 2016 Olympics

Who wouldn’t be thrilled to be staying at a huge pink mansion with swimming pool in Rio de Janeiro during the 2016 Olympics? This became a reality at Studio Rio, an initiative of Olympian Floris Evers (2x silver). During a period of three weeks 180 guests can spend the night, take yoga classes, cook healthy food or have a drink together after a long day of Olympic events.

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Guests spend the night in rooms named after famous (former) Olympians from The Netherlands, filled with personal stories. There's an Erica Terpstra room, a Fanny Blankers-Koen room and and Epke Zonderland room. Olympians, their family, businessmen and other guests who have managed to secure a spot at Studio Rio split their time between being at the house and watching the games. 

Also in Rio: Plek!

The best way for Studio Rio guests to stay in touch outside of the mansion is the community platform Plek. It keeps everyone up to date about games and about each other: they can find all the game schedules, sport stories, pictures and videos and ask each other questions at one single Plek (Dutch for spot)!


A great start for new arrivals at Studio Rio:

Could you let us know when your plane will land in Rio? We will make sure to have some Caipirinhas waiting for you here upon your arrival!

Now that's what we call a warm welcome (or actually, ice cold...)!

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Besides Plek as a community platform, Studio Rio also uses Plek chat, so all guests can quickly send chat messages to a group or to individuals. Very convenient when you quickly want to find out what time a game starts, where other guests are or to decide when to meet up for a nice cold drink after winning yet another gold medal.

Olympic medals

In the poll on the Plek landing page guests are asked to predict the number of medals The Netherlands will take home after the 2016 Olympics. The future looks bright according to Studio Rio guests: 47% predicts between 11 and 20 medals, and 53% expects no less than 21.