Plek on Tour: Eindhoven

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Plek on Tour: Eindhoven

We regularly organize knowledge sessions and trainings at our office in the heart of Amsterdam. But because our customers are spread out across the country, we also like to visit them and go 'on Tour'. Last Tuesday we were in Eindhoven. Twelve of our customers from the south opened up and took a look at each other's Plek, learned from each other and shared success stories.


I spoke about recent developments on Plek: the Innovation reactor, onboarding, new information pages. The attendees were especially keen on the elaborate features of the app because many of them have a lot of 'app only' users (such as in child care and construction). There was also a lot of interest in the possibilities of onboarding on Plek.

A few customers showed their own Plek environment to the others. They recognized some things they saw on others' Pleks but it was mostly very inspiring to take a peek and ask questions. Moreover, it turned out that completely different organizations largely experience the same issues in internal communication.


Activate employees for the long term on your social intranet

The biggest challenge is to activate all employees on the social intranet for the long term. One organization achieved great success by coaching team leaders and giving them an active and motivating role. Another makes sure Plek is indispensable for the execution of the daily work. You can do this by, for example, sharing the work schedules on the platform. Another great tip is to plan a couple of boosts (such as a workshop) after the launch. Because it won't just happen by itself!

If you're aiming for long-term activation on your social intranet, give team leaders an active and motivating role, make sure the platform is indispensable for the execution of the daily work and plan a couple of boosts after the launch.

The next 'Plek on Tour' will take place in Groningen. Early next year, we'll announce the date and location. Meanwhile, read all about how Groninger Forum uses Plek to connect a very diverse group of colleagues from the north.