Plek Social Intranet Features & Updates 08-16

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Plek Social Intranet Features & Updates 08-16

Crop images, preview documents, @mention in messages and more. We at Plek Social Intranet have certainly kept ourselves busy during the summer holidays! A lot of new features and improvements went live on Thursday, August 18 around 4 PM: 

Crop images

Sometimes there's a picture you want to use as your profile picture on the platform but it doesn't really fit right, or a group banner that gets cut off unfavorably. To prevent this, all members can now crop and zoom their own pictures. Now your personal profile and group within Plek will look perfect. No more Photoshop or Paint needed!

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Directly @mention someone in message details

Before the release you could already mention someone (@user) in a comment and / or in the title of a message. Now you can also mention someone in the message details. Very convenient for congratulatory messages, announcements or for introducing new employees! Go ahead and give it a try.

Preview documents

Do you want to quickly scan a document before downloading it? Or do you just want to read the entire document right here on the platform? Since the release, which was packed with new features, Plek has a document preview. A full screen preview is displayed when you click any document, which you can use to scroll through the entire document. You can then choose to download and / or print it.

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Copy and paste URLs

It was already possible to copy and paste YouTube or Vimeo video URLs on Plek. It was also already possible to copy and paste a (news) article URL. We now improved this functionality: you will see a preview of the text and / or image after copy-pasting it on Plek.

Small but nice timeline improvements for the platform:

  • Since the release, the menu bar 'sticks' to the top of the screen so you don't have to scroll back up to navigate.

  • A message in the timeline view is structured differently. The order of the components within messages in timeline view used to be: who, what, where, when, who. The new order is: who, where, when, what.

  • Messages are aligned better and look more coherent. 

  • Readability has been improved.

  • In a comment on a message, all the information used to be displayed underneath each other: name, time, comment. We now display name and time next to each other, and the comment follows underneath those two. 

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