Plek in Space

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Plek in Space

'You don't have to be a rocket scientist to use Plek - but they do anyway.'


You know about internet, intranet and extranet, but how about outernet? Plek’s latest customer ATG-Europe is building it. ATG’s main activity is supplying highly skilled personnel to the European Space Agency – and Plek will help them share knowledge on subjects like jet propulsion and spacecraft aerodynamics.



But ATG is also a partner in Outernet.

Picture a network of microsatellites working together to give the end-user access to the most informative data from any location in the world. Take a moment to watch the video below which describes the project and its goals.



The concept behind the Outernet is possibly even more innovative than the technology being used to achieve it. Imagine for a moment that access to the internet was not only free, but available and easily accessible worldwide. What social & economic implications this could have for developing countries!

Another aspect that we love about the Outernet is the fact that it is curated by users themselves, whereby they up-vote URL’s that they feel are the most important pages on the internet.


Rocket scientists

You can imagine that we at ILUMY, innovators at heart ourselves, are very excited to start working with ATG-Europe. We hope that Plek will become an indispensible tool for them to help realize their ideas. And along the way we found a new slogan for our social intranet platform: “You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use Plek – but they do anyway.”