Plek Tips: A brand new feature... the form!

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Plek Tips: A brand new feature... the form!

We're releasing an updated version of Plek today. Besides making generic Plek improvements we added a brand new feature: the form. We also improved the agenda, added the possibility to create sub groups, and the possibility to send someone an actual invitation to a group (which they can accept or refuse).

Yes, no, I don't know?
The form provides the answer!

As of March 9th it will be possible to create (and fill out) forms on Plek. You can do this on an information page or in a message. It's completely up to you how many questions you want to ask, and which setting you want to apply for the way every question can be answered. The four possibilities are:

  • Short answer (open field for one line of text) 
  • Paragraph (open field for longer text)
  • Multiple choice
  • List

PS: It's always nice to add a thank you message. We therefore added the option for you to add a text that will be displayed to users after they finish filling out your form. Of course this is optional! 

A group within a group, with our new sub groups 

After today's release it will be possible to create sub groups. A main group can have several sub groups. This can be practical for large groups or for example for a project group that contains several teams. 

You first need to create a main group. If the main group is already there, you can start creating sub groups. Click on the three dots at the top to access the group settings, and then click '+ sub group'. This will take you to a page with settings for the new sub group, just like the one you already know from creating main groups. Give your group a recognizable name (unlike the one in the screenshot below: 'This is a sub group'...)  and you're all done!


Would you like to be a member of my group?

Previously, people could be added to groups without consent. This will change with today's release: you can invite someone for a group, and they have to accept your invitation in order to become a member of the group. This way, you can't be added to groups you would rather not be a member of.

Do you have questions or remarks about the new and improved Plek? Email me at or call +31 (0)20 - 774 0033.