Plek Tips: Mobile with Plek!

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Plek Tips: Mobile with Plek!

We are releasing an updated version of Plek today between 4 and 5 PM. For this release we focused mainly on the Plek app. We also developed group notifications and we improved the design of messages and events.

App improvements

As of tomorrow you can use the app to..

.. RSVP to events.
.. upload and edit your profile picture. Please note: iOS only, test phase Android.
.. call instantly by clicking on a phone number on someone's profile page. Please note: this is a setting; contact Marit if you are interested.
.. easily start a new chat or post a new message at the top of the screen. 

In addition to developing these new features, we made sure that uploading pictures to a message works in the Android app and that comments and likes are visible in the app as well as on desktop.

Visual improvements and notifications

1. The list view of events looks better

Our new list view of events makes it easy to quickly spot the date and subject of events.

2. Featured messages in timeline view

It was already possible to highlight important messages in groups view by featuring them. We have now developed a way to also highlight these messages in timeline view.  


3. Update events with rich media

It was already possible to update an event with text. Now you can also add other (rich) media such as images, videos and documents. Research shows that articles with images perform 94% better than text-only articles!

4. Group notifications

After this release it will be possible for group admins to send notifications to members of their group(s). This makes it easier to reach exactly the right people.

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Do you have questions or remarks about the new and improved Plek? Email us at or call Marit or Emina at +31 (0)20 - 774 0033.