Plek update: alrighty!

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Plek update: alrighty!

We are releasing an updated version of Plek today between 4 and 5 PM. We put a lot of work into updating all sorts of rights on the platform. After this release it will be possible to allow specific users to post in a channel. Selecting rights for users in the admin panel will become easier because of a design update. Additionally, there will be two different types of rights for external users.

Statistics of sent notifications

Before we expand on all the rights on Plek, let's take a look at a nice little extra we added for sending out push or email notifications. After the release you can view statistics of a notification you sent. We display this in the screen you also use for sending out the push or email notification. The statistics show you how many users received your notification. For email notifications, they also show you how many users opened the message.


In addition, users will be able to edit their settings for receiving group updates from within the group (email, push or both). This was already possible under 'Settings'; and that is where you'll still find a complete overview of your notification settings.

Who can post in a channel?

After the release you can allow specific people to post in a channel. Previously you could only allow specific rights to post in channels. You can combine these two in whichever way you like. Choose:

  • Only a right (such as every 'content manager')
  • Only one or several people (such as person A and person B)
  • A right (such as 'content manager') plus one or several people (such as person A)

This means you don't have to make a content manager out of every person who incidentally needs to post a piece of company news.

who can do what?

Easily choose the correct right for each user

When creating or editing a user in the admin panel, choosing the correct right will be much easier after the release. We added a short description for each type of user. Additionally, you won't have to select the basic right 'user' when you make someone a 'content manager' or 'admin': they will automatically be granted 'user' rights.

Different types of rights for external users

Organizations are increasingly working together with external parties. These external parties are therefore often invited to use Plek. But not every external user needs to have the same rights on the platform. That's why you can choose between two different types of rights for external users:

External user (default)
If you select 'external user', the following applies for that user:

  • Access restricted to groups the user is a member of.
  • Only visible to members of their groups.
  • Can only be invited to new groups by members of shared existing groups.
  • Optional (if your organization chooses to enable this): Can be invited to groups based on email address by all platform users.

If you select 'external user' and check  'platform' as well, the following applies for that user:

  • Access restricted to groups the user is a member of.
  • Visible to all platform users.
  • Can be invited to groups by all platform users.

external user access

Round profile pictures

All profile pictures will be round after the release. Groups will retain their square pictures. This makes the difference between people and groups more clear, for example in the chat. Working and chatting on Plek, made easy!

from square to round

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