Plek update: it's ok to snooze!

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Plek update: it's ok to snooze!

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Usability first 

Since we want Plek to work fast, smart and good, we did several improvements on Plek's front- and backend. We have worked for example on the Windows version of the app (which is now up to date again). We did some improvements on the data of the statistics and we have also worked on optimalising the dashboard which is now better aligned and has a greater visibility of images in posts. And since times flies, we have already started working on the planning of the upcoming release updates! 


Recharge your battery with our holiday snooze

You can't always perform at your best! Even though we want as many active users on Plek, we do understand that taking a moment of rest can be very important to recharge the batteries and to perform even better! 

Vakantie snooze

Last summer we have introduced the holiday snooze button. This button allows you to immediately turn off all your notifications on Plek for a specific period of time. Because we think that snoozing is allowed during a day off! The holiday snooze button can be found in your personal settings. Super easy! 


Question or remarks about the new and improved Plek? Don't hesitate to contact your account manager. Specific questions about Plek? Send us an e-mail via In case you have an urgent question, you can call us during working hours at 020-3697577.