Plek update: the last one of the year!

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Plek update: the last one of the year!

Today between 15h en 19h our monthly release update will take place. Curious to find out what's new this month? We have been working on a new version of the admin panel, new form updates and the option for admins to schedule posts in Plek. Read along to find out more!

Plek admin panel

We have made quite some adjustments in the admin panel of Plek. As an admin you will already get to see the results of that in our December release! What to expect? New insights in the amount of accounts within Plek and the option to see the already activated ones for example. Useful when you want to check if all your employees already activated their Plek account.  

Also curious to find out who uses the company's app? And if this percentage is growing compared to the previous month? It will be possible to check that information too! And since Plek is such a social platform, online participation in Plek will be measured too. Things that will be taken into account while measuring online participation are items such as likes, responses and messages sharing within Plek. 

In our next release we will upgrade our admin panel even more. As of Januari it will also be possible to check individual user details of the statistics mentioned above. 

Below you can already find a sneak peak of how the new and improved admin panel looks like! 

Release notes statistieken

Schedule posts 

Did you know that group admins in Plek also get the opportunity to schedule posts? Before only content managers had this option. Pretty useful when you are an admin and you want to schedule messages ahead! 

Forms in Plek 

You might remember that last time we also gave an update about our forms. We explained that creators of a form could notify people of the new form. In this release we have added a bit more. Besides a notification, recipients also get a complete overview of the results. Below an example of the settings of this. 

Form in Holland.plek


Onboarding as part of the Employee Journey in Plek. We are still working on an upgrade of this module. Last Monday we organised a pilot session with a couple of our customers. The purpose of this was to further map out the wishes regarding onboarding, development and offboarding of employees within organisations and the role of Plek. We will gather all the information and results and will start working on more improvements. 

In our next release you will find more information about the changes within Plek about this topic. Questions in the meantime? Please let us know!