Rik blogs about attaining a good digital workspace

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Rik blogs about attaining a good digital workspace

Frankwatching's featured topic this month is the digital workspace - a widely discussed subject. That is why Plek's own Rik Mulder published an article on Frankwatching last Friday: 'In behapbare stappen naar een digital workspace' (only available in Dutch).

"Many organizations try to attain a good digital workspace in one big step. They often get stuck because they cannot get all the pieces of the puzzle to fit. I think a phased approach is more efficient and ultimately more effective in many cases."

Do you want to know how to create a good digital workspace in manageable steps in your organization? Read the entire article on Frankwatching. If you do not speak Dutch, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Rik will be happy to advise you in English.

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Also read Rik's other articles on Frankwatching, for example last year's popular and widely-shared 'Waarom je WhatsApp toch niet zakelijk moet gebruiken [3 argumenten]' (also only available in Dutch).