Plek update: Security guaranteed!

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Plek update: Security guaranteed!

We are releasing an updated version of Plek today between 4 and 5 PM. We have so much to tell you - about creating forms, sharing posts, uploading documents and about the information pages. And we also have news on Plek's security!


Security week

In the context of security week, we have some great news: we passed our penetration test! This means that the ethical hackers we called in didn't manage to crack our beloved Plek. And in order to keep our technology fresh and secure, we always keep optimizing. So for this release, we updated ReactJS and AngularJS.

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Mandatory questions

When creating a form, you can decide whether a question is mandatory or not. And did you know that, since last Summer, you can also decide whether a form can be filled out multiple times by the same person, or only once? And that you can select the question type 'file upload' if you want the person who fills out your form to add an attachment for an answer? 


Sharing posts

Below every post, you can find buttons to 'Like' and 'Comment'. And did you know you can also share posts? Just click 'Share' and select the group or channel you want to share the post in. You can also share posts in their own group or channel, to refer to older posts. In order to prevent mistakes, Plek notifies you in case you're about to share a post from a private or secret group.


The document upload

After the previous Plek release, we experienced some issues with uploading documents. We partly rolled back the renewed document upload and put a lot of work into fixing it. The process is now smoother. You'll be able to do other things on Plek while your document is being uploaded, and you can upload multiple documents at once. 


Information pages

After the small make-over we implemented for the information pages during the previous Plek release, some of our clients sent us a few suggestions for even better information pages. We're currently processing these. As you can see, the blocks are back, and we improved the menu on the left side for easier and quicker navigation within the information pages.

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Do you have questions or remarks about the new and improved Plek? Email us at or call +31 (0)20 - 369 7577.