Sinterklaas has an app

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Sinterklaas has an app

Of course here at Plek we're very innovative. But secretly we all love traditions too. That's why we're pleased and proud to announce that none other than Sinterklaas has opted to use the Plek app, including the safe chat module, to help him organize his arrival in Amsterdam.  


All the Piets are chatting

Soot Piet, Chimney Piet, Rainbow Piet? The only Piet we know is App Piet. When Sinterklaas arrived in Amsterdam yesterday, the place was teeming with App Piets. And they were all using their very own Plek Piet App, of course! The 600 Piets, the 1200 volunteers and 1 Sinterklaas all used Plek to prepare for the big day. They organized, aligned and chatted away! And now they've arrived, they're all posting their pictures on Plek so everyone can relive this wonderful day over and over again!

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The native Plek app

The native, downloadable Plek app was recently completely renewed. To make the app even faster we built it on the Reactive Framework, developed by Facebook. The new app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for all Plek clients. Once you login, you will automatically enter your own private Plek environment.

An alternative for WhatsApp

The new app has the optional Plek chat module. It's a complete and safe alternative to WhatsApp, which is used in many companies and organizations - mostly unofficially. There are quite a few snags to that. Plek's own Rik Mulder described this in a much shared Frankwatching article (Dutch only). Thankfully Sinterklaas is not taking any risks when it comes to information security!

Is the new Plek app, maybe even including the optional Plek chat module, on your wishlist too? Give Justus or Rik a call at +31 (0)20 - 774 0033 and you just might get it!