Social Bankers

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Social Bankers

Collaborative network for development financial professionals with TCX's Frontier Finance.

Bankers are getting a bad rep lately. But not those in development finance. Through a number of state-owned development banks, such as FMO in the Netherlands and IDB in New York, these bankers provide government-backed loans to companies in developing countries. But although they all share the same lofty goals and visit the same far-away countries, they hardly work together. And this is where Plek comes in.

Frontier Finance

For our client TCX we are building Frontier Finance, a niche social network for development finance professionals. Here they can find each other, share insights, and get the latest country info. It helps them work together to complete deals – and find a dinner companion in Dakar, Dhaka or Dushanbe.

Frontier Finance is being developed on our Plek social platform, but will feature country pages, live chat and, in phase two, automatic translating.