Marlou op 29 November 2019

The 5 benefits of a social intranet

A social intranet connects people, across the boundaries of teams, departments and organizations. Because a social intranet provides you with access to colleagues, news, information and knowledge, and to that intangible but important thing called organizational culture. All this leads to better collaboration, connectedness and knowledge sharing. And ultimately to happy employees and a future-ready organization. But how does the social intranet benefit the average employee? Let's not use abstract terms like 'connection' and 'culture' today. A social intranet will make your workday easier, more effective and more fun. Here's a list of five benefits!

de 5 voordelen van een sociaal intranet

1. A pleasure to work with

A social intranet should be a pleasure to work with: a smooth user experience, everything is nice and easy to understand, the platform quickly feels familiar. But what's more important: a communication platform can make your workday so much more enjoyable. It offers groups for collaboration within your department and project teams. But don't forget about the fun groups, from work-related themes such as innovation or GDPR (maybe not that much fun) to groups for foodies, book lovers or film fanatics. Furthermore you can chat with your favorite colleagues and spice up your conversations with emojis, gifs and jokes about the boss. And last but not least: there's an agenda for birthdays, staff parties and Friday afternoon drinks!

This combination of different kinds of content is what a social intranet is all about: you can use it any way you like. And just imagine the interesting colleagues or projects you might bump into while browsing around the platform!

You can chat with your favorite colleagues and spice up your conversations with emojis, gifs and jokes about the boss.

2. Less e-mail

That huge amount of emails you receive every day is probably one of your biggest annoyances at work. Especially when it comes to endless group conversations where literally everyone is on CC. A social intranet reduces the need to email and encourages collaboration and sharing knowledge and updates in one place. An additional advantage is that new colleagues can easily find previously shared information on the platform.

3. Personal and relevant, no overload

Company news, project updates, work instructions, events, it's all easy to find on a social intranet. It keeps you up to date. And the best part is: you only see what you want to see. When you first log in, the onboarding offers you a selection of relevant groups to join - and you can always join other groups later or create one yourself. Because of this group structure, you only get to see content that is relevant to you. And you can decide how to take in all that information: you choose how and where it's placed on your homepage. You can also decide which notifications you want to receive.

A social intranet keeps you up to date. And the best part is: you only wee what you want to see.

4. Everyone within reach

A social intranet makes it easy to find content but also colleagues - for quick alignment on a project, some advice or a question. You can also easily find colleagues outside of your own network, for example by searching for a name, department, position or expertise. Once you've found the right person, you can start a chat straight from his / her profile page.

5. Easy access, wherever you are.

You can always access your social intranet, whether you're at the office or on the road, at a client or at home. It doesn't matter which device you use: computer, tablet or mobile. Ask questions, get answers, and post updates whenever you want. A social intranet provides you with the flexibility to work when, where and how you want.

In short: your workday starts and ends on the social intranet, because that's where you'll find all you need to get the job done (also by means of links and integrations with other systems you need). It's your go-to for checking in with colleagues via groups or chats. It's the way to get updated about your workplace and projects. It's the tool that helps you do your job better, faster and easier - also in collaboration with colleagues and even with external parties. Regardless of the device you're using or where you are. That's how great a workday can be!

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