Plek update: the silly season

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Plek update: the silly season

Of course you all just can't wait to hear from Plek on Thursday morning every four weeks. This time, we don't have a lot to say though. Except that we'll have some big news soon! And don't worry, we also have some announcements for you today.

Good things come to those who wait

Just a little patience: we will launch our innovation module soon! We've been working on this big project for a while, together with our customer Heembouw. It will be an optional module that can be used to stimulate organization-wide innovation. So we'll keep at it for now, and we'll tell you more in the next Plek update!

Meanwhile, click here to read all about how the innovation module came into being and how you can use it to maximize all employees' innovative strength. 

hoe de innovatiemodule ontstond - met Heembouw

Spade work

Besides building the innovation module, of course we're also fixing bugs and implementing continuous improvements on Plek. For example, the chat bubbles have your color now, and your Plek statistiscs now displays page views from the Plek app besides desktop and mobile page views. By the way, are your colleagues already using the Plek app for mobile? And how about the desktop app (beta version)?   

de Plek app voor desktop en mobiel

On pins and needles

Last week Monday night, we were on pins and needles for a while because Plek was offline shortly. The reason was an upgrade of our MongoDB database. Plek is redundant, which means that our platform normally always stays online. We went offline (on purpose and announced in advance) for more than an hour for the first time in Plek history for this big database upgrade. And the upgrade was successful, so we're back in business!

we kunnen er weer tegenaan

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