Plek update: work, work, work

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Plek update: work, work, work

We are releasing an updated version of Plek today between 4 and 5 PM. So much work, so little time! Fortunately, Plek makes (work) life a bit easier. This release ensures Plek's continued security and also contains further developments of the information pages and documents. Plus a more complete app!


Stay safe

You probably noticed that we have been talking about security a lot recently. For this release, we implemented several additional security measures - in order to pass all of our periodic penetration tests and with the aim of getting our ISO27001 certification.

informatiepagina's en documenten op mobiel en laptop

Information pages and documents

Once again, we've been working on the (recently updated) information pages. After the release, you'll be able to easily drag and drop blocks to the right place. We also simplified the way to navigate between pages by means of a breadcrumb. Additionally, the pages will load faster and it will be possible to open forms in pages.

We also recently updated the document upload and for this release, we worked on fixing the last bits and bobs.


The ideal image

Some of our clients have been asking about the ideal size for images on Plek. That's why we're hereby providing you with a pixel perfect list:

  • Featured post: 667 x 300 pixels
  • Group banner: 1140 x 173 pixels
  • Group icon (thumbnail): 200 x 200 pixels
  • Event banner: 900 x 350 pixels

een soepele Plek app voor Android iOS

A smooth app for Android and iOS

Because everybody wants a super fast and smooth Plek app, we're improving the app's router in this release. Most people won't notice it, but the app will just have a nicer overall feel. Besides, Android users may have noticed that the app sometimes freezes - the new router will remedy this.


Today's overview

At the request of our customers you will find a new feature in the app: 'Today's overview'. When you open the app you first get an overview of today's events and birthdays to make sure you won't miss anything. Then you start your day on Plek, and you'll find all the other updates on the timeline.

Please note: 'Today's overview' is enabled by default but if your organization would rather not use it, we can easily disable it for you. To disable 'Today's overview' for your organization, please contact your account manager.

For your information: due to Apple's approval process it may take a few days before the iPhone app becomes available in the app store.

Plek app

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Do you have questions or remarks about the new and improved Plek? Email us at or call +31 (0)20 - 369 7577.