Your own, on the spot at Hét Nationaal Intranetsymposium

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Your own, on the spot at Hét Nationaal Intranetsymposium

Next Thursday 16 November we are taking part in 'Hét Nationaal Intranetsymposium'. It's an event aimed at giving you practical insights. Hear all about the latest developments, get demonstrations of several different intranets and get inspired! Interactive sessions are also on the menu: don't miss out on the municipality of Berkelland telling you everything you need to know about their Plek. Find our stand, ask your questions, try our demo and get your own on the spot!

Are you currently looking for a new (social) intranet? Or do you already have an intranet and are you looking for tips & tricks to improve the existing platform? Then 'Hét Nationaal Intranetsymposium' is a great event for you to attend. Ask questions, share experiences, get inspired. You will also get to meet other professionals and hear all about the latest trends (such as the digital workplace, a subject our director Rik Mulder recently published an article about on

Plek verbindt

In addition to presentations and an information market, there will be interactive sessions. At a quarter to 12, Helga Hogenkamp from the municipality of Berkelland will tell you all about how the municipality supports its self-managing teams with Plek. The municipality relies on the communication power of its employees, says Helga:

This platform really allows you to see what is happening in your environment. We see this in for example the channel we call "Outside in". It has a fixed spot on the homepage, and people use it to actively share what's happening outside and within the municipality. The aim is to help, inspire and connect people.

Do ask Helga all you want about their Plek and don't forget to stop by our stand during the information market. You could become one of the first people to see our latest product We can even set up your own on the spot!