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MVGM, a dutch real estate company, recently launched the community app: Plek4you. With the app, tenants can easily get in touch with their neighbours and the real estate manager. They can report repairs, posts updates and read the latest news.

  • Choice and access to information through specific groups
  • Keep in touch with other residents one-on-one or in a group
  • Available on mobile and desktop
  • User-friendly and monthly updates within the platform

New community app

MVGM Wonen manages rental housing buildings throughout the Netherlands. Housing estates with many tenants who often walk around with the same (practical) questions. Many of them might secretly even be curious about their neighbours. To meet the growing need for social involvement and interaction, MVGM recently introduced Blue way. A community platform where tenants can keep in touch with each other in an easy and accessible way.

How does it work?

Tenants will get access to the community of the housing estate where they live. They choose which information they want to make public in which groups they want to be active. After downloading an app, they will have access to every functionality of the platform, documents and a calendar. The community is not only available on mobile but also on desktop. Tenants can join an existing group the moment they will receive the key to their house. They can also create their own groups, make one-on-one contacts, report malfunctions and repair requests, and if necessary, they can also easily unsubscribe from groups.

What is the app used for?

Both socially and functionally, the new platform appears to be a handy solution. Tenants can make arrangements with each other to borrow specific items, to organise activities or to inform others.

In addition, MVGM also uses the platform to support, for example, the transfer of keys to new residents, the sharing of relevant news or useful information and communication regarding repair requests. For major events and important updates, the app can even be used for Amber or NL alerts as users will receive push notifications.

"Blue way makes tenants more independent. It gives them easy and clear access to a lot of practical matters. With a single click, they can make necessary notifications and will be updated about, for example, work in or around the complex. For us as real estate managers, the app makes communicating with residents easier and faster and we think it makes our housing environments more social and more interactive."

Manfred Ziere, Director MVGM Wonen

Utrecht first one who went live!

The first tenants that are going to use Blue way as their online community platform are the tenants of the new housing complex Platform in Utrecht. 201 rental properties in the heart of the city of Utrecht within walking distance of shopping centre Hoog Catherijne! More than 90% of the tenants signed up within 1 week and used the online community platform.