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Construction workers

How do you improve cooperation between different departments, when the majority of your employees don't have access to a computer? TBI Infra recently found the solution, by launching a new mobile application together with the colleagues of Plek.

  • Everybody, always connected with the Plek Employee App
  • Personalised information
  • Safety Calendar
  • User-friendly

Building together

How do you improve engagement between different departments when the majority of your staff are non-desk employees? And how do you make sure your colleagues stay involved while merging different business units. TBI Infra found the answers to these questions in Plek. A shared platform with one ultimate goal: connect and involve all employees in one user-friendly place.

TBI-Infra quickly found a name for her intranet: KEET. A reference to their most important company component: their construction office.

bouwbedrijf tbi infra in de bouwkeet

Keep chatting

With "The Keet" TBI-Infra saw a significant rise in interaction between different departments and companies. Employees of TBI-Infra all have their own personalised homepage and the 80 % non-desk employees have access to the Plek mobile version for Android and iOS.

Employees feel engaged and can easily participate because the mobile application enables them to post and respond real-time to messages. Personalised groups within the Intranet help to increase the communication between and among the different departments.

bouwbedrijf tbi infra in de bouwkeet


Safety is a very important topic within the construction and industry sector. Employees of TBI Infra choose to give this topic some extra exposure, by adding the "safety calendar" as a separate feature within the Intranet.

Relevant safety information will be shared in the calendars of employees in a fun way on a daily basis. DE KEET has become indispensable. Succes stories are shared via the app: from stories of new construction sites to the latest updates: everybody joins!

“Thanks to Plek we could really turn DE KEET into a personalised platform. With the monthly release, you automatically receive the latest updates and new features.”

  • Carolien Visschers, Communicatie & PR, Mobilis (TBI Infra)

The communication department of TBI Infra understands that the launch and use of a new platform doesn't happen overnight. Therefore they made a special rap song to draw attention! They recorded their very own funky rap to promote their 'super chill' Plek amongst their colleagues. An inspiration to us at Plek, and to all of our clients!

bouwbedrijf tbi infra in de bouwkeet