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Cultural institutions

Far up north arises a meeting place for curious people: Forum Groningen. A merged organization that consists of several groups of down-to-earth northerners, all with their own corporate culture. Forum Groningen connects this diverse group of colleagues by means of Plek.

  • A merged organization consisting of a library, movie theater, debate center, museum, university and cafés
  • By letting everyone participate in the setup of Plek, the platform really became a place for all of the employees
  • Skeptics and less tech-savvy people turned into true ambassadors
  • Due to its great success, Groninger Archieven and Biblionet Groningen now also use Plek

A place for all of the employees

Forum Groningen is a merger of a library, movie theater, debate center, the Dutch Comics Museum (soon to be called Storyworld), Volksuniversiteit Groningen and cafés. They're all down-to-earth northerners, but they all brought their own corporate culture to the new organization. Forum Groningen decided to use Plek to encourage new colleagues to connect and work together - also with external partners such as Biblionet Groningen.

It takes time and effort to make a merger of several organizations work together as one. That is why the focus of Forum's Groningen new social intranet was on involving all the different parts of the new organization. As with every Plek implementation, we arranged for an ambassadors session. However, quite some employees turned out to be hesitant about this approach.

Luckily, opinions changed rapidly when people found out that everyone really got a say in the setup of Plek. Together, the colleagues decided what they needed and together they made important decisions. This is how Plek really became a platform for all employees. Skeptics gradually turned into big supporters and less tech-savvy people quickly realized how a social intranet adds value for them.

"Letting colleagues have a say worked surprisingly well.>>

Richard de Vries, IT project manager at Forum Groningen

Lasting succes

Launching with a big bang, doing a roadshow at all of your organization's locations or awarding a prize to the person who comes up with the best name for the new platform: these are great ways to spark colleagues' interest in Plek. However, they're the first of the many steps involved in making a success out of your social intranet. After that, it's a matter of keeping people involved. Forum Groningen does this by creating the right mix of content, combining online and offline, for maximum relevance. For example, they regularly post updates on the construction of the new building.

And due to Plek's great success, Forum Groningen introduced their friends at Groninger Archieven and Biblionet Groningen to the wonderful world of Plek too. Happy days!