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Let's be honest. When we first drove up to Abird, literally at the quay in the Rotterdam Botlek, with a refinery on the left and an oil rig docked across the street, we thought: will a social intranet really work here?

  • works on any device
  • documents available from any place at any time
  • instant notifications of new comments and likes

Dirty hands on Plek

Will these tough guys with their big hands, stained by working with heavy machinery, really be typing messages on their cell phones and looking up manuals on Plek? We can just admit it: we had our doubts.

Visibility leads to success

We were totally wrong about the dockers. Abird is actually one of our most active clients. Mainly due to an enthusiastic and well-planned launch, including a roadshow along all the branches, and the visibility of management on Plek.