The municipality of Berkelland is ahead of the curve when it comes to self-managing teams. They were looking for a tool to support this new way of working, and to stimulate its development. Plek is now enabling smoother collaboration within and between teams, but also with inhabitants and entrepreneurs.

Transparent, openly accessible, intuitive
User-friendly like WhatsApp en Facebook, but secure and fit for business use
Committed civil servants, increased civilian participation and engaged entrepreneurs
Better collaboration within and between teams
Share knowledge, news, documents, agendas and conversations in groups and chats

Find the best of you on Plek

Before they found Plek, the municipality of Berkelland was using a static SharePoint intranet. Obviously, interaction was nowhere to be found. You need more than a top-down information pusher if you want employees to work better together. And since the municipality of Berkelland also wants to involve inhabitants and other external parties, SharePoint was far from ideal.

“We want to keep inhabitants and entrepreneurs close, and work with them to become the best Berkelland we can be. The new intranet helps us achieve that.”

Helga Hogenkamp, communication advisor at the municipality of Berkelland

The municipality and its stakeholders find each other in an instant on Plek. They share knowledge, news, documents, agendas and conversations in groups and chats. Colleagues share what's happening outside and within the municipality with the aim of helping and inspiring each other and making connections. 

a civil servant is using Plek

No instructions required

Berkelland's self-managing teams know exactly what their municipality needs. They quickly provide flexible solutions that suit today's society. Plek facilitates this: it's transparent, low-threshold and intuitive. User-friendly like WhatsApp and Facebook, but 100% secure and built for business use. 

“This platform is created by and for employees. We are counting on our employees' communicational capabilities. And it really works: everyone in our organization posts messages.”

Helga Hogenkamp, communication advisor at the municipality of Berkelland