GroenLinks has been experiencing rapid growth recently, and achieved great success in the latest municipal elections. The resulting need to attract a large number of new council members emphasized the necessity for a central place for all employees to find and help each other. That place is GroenLinks' very own community platform: Plek.

Over 650 council members and 110 aldermen from all over the country were united Plek
Connected, from Noordoost-Groningen to Zuidwest-Zeeland
A group for each province and department, and for themes such as care, animal welfare and the environment
Greater clout in the country, greater community feeling than ever

Direct contact sparked GroenLinks' interest

During the run-up to the elections, GroenLinks' local campaign leaders and party chairmen used Slack. They liked the direct way of contacting colleagues, but using the paid version of Slack with hundreds of users would have been way too expensive for GroenLinks. The party then found Plek: a Dutch company with short lines of communication and a focus on personal assistance during the deployment of Plek social intranet. 

"We enjoyed the way Plek supported us during the implementation phase of Plek. They're helpful but also critical."

Bastiaan de Leeuw, chairman of GroenLinks Alkmaar and project manager at the party's national office

Another important reason for GroenLinks to choose Plek was the super simple way to chat securely: a complete native app instead of a website that is adapted for use on a mobile phone. 


Greater clout, greater community feeling

Over 650 council members and 110 aldermen were united on Plek. The party consists of over 100 active departments. There's a Plek group for every province and department, but also for themes such as care, animal welfare and the environment. The ultimate goal: increasing political strength by sharing knowledge and by making use of the experience of others. By posting one specific question on Plek, a GroenLinks politician can reach, for example, all council members who have sustainability in their portfolio, plus all of the aldermen who deal with this.

"A city council member needed support in a spatial planning procedure. Within 45 minutes, four people with the right legal knowledge had volunteered."

Bastiaan de Leeuw, chairman of GroenLinks Alkmaar and project manager at the party's national office

At the same time, GroenLinks is strengthening the community feeling within the party. For example, an interview with a councilor is published on Plek every two weeks. This kind of human interest works well on Plek.

GroenLinks werkt beter samen met Plek

Communitymanager watches over Plek and inspires colleagues 

Early on in the process, a community manager came on board. Because if you want to make a success out of your social intranet, you have to invest time in it. The community manager stimulates and inspires, creates content such as the human interest stories, operates the help desk and monitors the channels.

Plek is the place to be for GroenLinks colleagues throughout the country. And as a nice extra, Plek brought an end to the proliferation of Facebook and WhatsApp groups - because the alternative GroenLinks offers its employees really works!